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Functional Architect

Miami, FL, USA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

The Functional Architect is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and translating business requirements into architecture and design specifications that can be implemented by the technology team.

This role leads and collaborates closely with stakeholders, functional consultants, business analysts, visual and user experience designers, and the technical team to ensure that the proposed solutions align with the business goals and technology strategy. The Functional Architect oversees the development process, from the initial concept through to the final implementation, ensuring adherence to best practices and quality standards.

The Functional Architect, has a deep background in the Salesforce ecosystem, and plays a critical role in transforming business requirements into scalable Salesforce solutions. This expert understands the complexities of cross-platform operations and processes, ensuring seamless integration and optimization of Salesforce orgs to meet business objectives.


  • Requirements Analysis: Understand and analyze business processes and requirements. Work with stakeholders to clarify and define functional requirements and translate them into technical specifications.

  • Solution Architecture: Design and architect solutions that are scalable, sustainable, and optimized for performance. Ensure that the architecture meets business requirements and complies with industry standards.

  • Strategic Alignment: Ensure that all project activities align with the overarching business goals and strategy. Act as a liaison between the project team and key stakeholders to gather requirements, communicate progress, and incorporate feedback.

  • Stakeholder Management: Manage and negotiate stakeholder priorities and timelines, facilitating communication and consensus-building across business and technical teams.

  • Collaboration and Coordination: Act as a liaison between business and technical teams, facilitating communication and understanding. Work closely with Project Managers, Developers, and Designers to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

  • Change Management: Assess the impact of proposed changes on the system architecture and business processes. Ensure that changes are managed in a controlled manner.

  • Documentation: Create and maintain comprehensive architecture and design documentation that serves as a reference for the development team and stakeholders.

  • Quality Assurance and Strategy: Actively contribute to the definition and execution of the technology strategy and quality assurance practices, fostering innovative solution development.

  • User-Centered Design: Lead or collaborate with UX designers to ensure solutions are user-friendly and accessible, leading to an intuitive interface that improves user satisfaction.

About the Company

ODNOS is a full-service design and development consultancy that transforms, optimizes, and integrates solutions for organizations focused on commerce, sales, and service. We bring client visions to life by combining complete Salesforce and ServiceNow implementation services with deep expertise using cutting-edge digital and AI centric technologies, delivered through world-class visual and process design. We thrive on learning, adapting, and improving. We are fearless and nimble, and embrace change as an opportunity.

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